LVH Entertainment Systems specializes in designing and installing lighting, drappery and rigging for stage, studio and theater.


© Bridget Williams, IALD
Holy Angels Church

Recently, Williams Design & Consultants were awarded the IESIE Illumination award for the work done in Holy Angels Church, Arcadia, CA. LVH installed the winning lighting equipment, design by Bridget Williams, IALD.

New Rigging Standards

In the continuing goal to establish uniform standards for theatrical equipment and its installation, ESTA has announced the release of a new ANSI standards for fire curtains and manual counterweight rigging. The ANSI standards establish a minimum performance requirement for new equipment installations.



© Kenneth Helphand
Mission San Juan Capistrano's
Arcade Lighting Project

When the Mission's Preservation Department wanted to improve "the lighting ambiance of the evening experience at the Mission San Juan Capistrano," they again called on LVH "to provide the desperately needed lighting upgrades."
"After reviewing multiple fixture options and different system configurations, the Mission selected a low profile and energy efficient fixture to replace the existing assortment of lighting fixtures. The outcome for the Mission will be a consistent, softly illuminated arcade for years to come."

Mission's arcade as seen from
the center courtyard.


"Parody Ads?"    

LVH's recent ad series in ESTA's Protocol magazine is generating a little "industry" buzz. Click on the Two and a half Mend poster to discover why:

"Get it right the first time..."

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